Vector Utilities Services

The wide range of skills, experience and expertise that our team at Vector possess have enabled us to expand our workload into the Utilities industry - as well as acquiring relevant qualifications along the way to carry out some of the more niche projects. We offer a number of services in both Town Planning and Design should you be looking for a company to undertake work on your behalf. Please see our Contact Us page and we would be delighted to discuss these services in more depth with you.

Town Planning

  • Creation and submission of planning/Listed Building applications
  • Liaison with over 80 local and county council authorities for GIS data and consultation support
  • Advise Asset Managers on specific town planning matters
  • Provide advice to the design team, particularly on protected assets including Listed Buildings, Ancient Scheduled Monuments and Conservation areas
  • Liaison with Environment Agency, Natural England, Historic England and any other relevant authorities when required
  • Carry out full background assessments of sites prior to any development work taking place
  • Landowner liaison work


  • Measured Site Survey work
  • Autocad 2017 prepared plans
  • Recommendations for anti-climb prevention measures and security upgrades
  • Site inspections and reports prepared
  • Building Regulation compliant designs from inception
  • Desktop studies and feasibility work undertaken
  • Designers trained and qualified to undertake work on National Rail lines and infrastructure

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Town Planning / Architecture / Design / Utilities